Tai Ji Quan 太極拳

Tai Ji Quan 太極拳, or as it is more popularly known – Tai Chi, is a Chinese practice for physical and psychological development and self improvement that helps in achieving better health and self-confidence, inner tranquillity, as well as balance and harmony with the world around us.

By teaching us to overcome the harmful and destructive effect of the external and internal factors of our surroundings, the practice of Tai Chi 太極 strengthens the body’s locomotor system, improves the work of all internal organs, as well as the functioning of all vital body systems. Practicing Tai Chi 太極 gives us a new attitude and understanding, and has a beneficial effect on all aspects of human activity, including our interaction with the ones around us and with the world in general.

Originating as a Chinese martial art a few centuries ago, today Tai Chi 太極 is known throughout the world for its healthy and balancing effect. The practice has a deep theoretical and philosophical basis linked to the ancient and traditional Chinese concepts for the structure of nature, the world, and man. Tai Chi is the most widespread martial art in the world that has accepted the internal energy “Chi” 氣 as its basis. It focuses on working 功 with it, using, understanding, and mastering it through “Chi Gung” 氣功.

Kung Fu Centre Xuangui 玄龜功夫中心 carries on the tradition of some of the most famous and respected masters of this art in China, Europe, Bulgaria, and the world, and further develops their practice with a new teaching method which is closer to the modern person’s perception and understanding. Teaching is done in Bulgarian by using straightforward and easy to understand terms and concepts, well translated and illustrated using contemporary examples from our everyday lives. This makes the practice of Tai Chi 太極 accessible and interesting for people of all ages, regardless of their education, profession, views, upbringing or culture.